Yes Zoé turned One, that was on May 27nd.

And today, One year ago, on June 17nd, I had sent in our file to the social worker to be transmitted to Ethiopia.
And today, This year, we had a meeting with the few families we met in Ethiopia who had also adopted their babies last December.

What a long way we have come. Zoé brings sooo much Joy to us, to our families. We have changed much since we know her and she has changed soo much since we first met her in the orphanage. She has caught up the 50 percentile growth curve on weight and length and her head circumference is now above the 50 percentile. She walks well, and learns new tricks everyday sometimes even one in the morning and a newer one by the evening.

She is sociable and at the same time very attached to us. She is easy to take out since she eats and falls asleep in “unfamiliar” places. I believe she feels secure and that makes me happy.

Today, I came back from that meeting with more confidence; I must do something right for her to bloom. Sometime, most of the time actually, parenting is really strange in that you almost never have a feedback on what you do. Any other activity you do regularly like e.g. a job or sport … you have systems of evaluation, competition or approvals in which you get feedback, but in parenting, you just do your thing, trial and error, reading one book and being convinced by one way of “doing it” just to be completely confused again because in another book you read the exact opposite. ….

Today, I came back from that meeting, with such a desire to welcome another baby in our family. Maybe because, seeing all the faces we met there in Ethiopia brought back the beautiful and happy memories of when we adopted Zoé. I would love to experience this again. Zoé does make me complete and happy and in my eyes, she is perfect and at the same time, when I put away the clothes that she outgrew, I cannot imagine that “this was it”. That I will not have another little baby, it feels like it was just too short, especially compared to the years and years of trying to build a family.

On the other hand, we heard that our social worker does not take on new files and that Ethiopia has really slowed down in processing adoption files. … I feel truly blessed to have become Zoé’s mum, blessed that for once, for her, we did the right thing at the right time, and hope that all those desiring a child so intensely will know the same Joy.

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