Dear readers,

It is 22:55 and I should be going to bed and get some rest…. but I have been thinking about you and your journeys and wondering how you are doing. I have been writing mentally, many posts to you, about the incredible joy Zoé is. About my first steps into motherhood and my couple’s steps into parenthood. About our experience of the adoption procedure in Ethiopia and the wonderful work that is being done in order to give orphans a chance in life. About questions and doubts. About growing love, a baby becoming more and more demanding. About the peace of a sleeping baby, the helpless feeling of seeing your baby crying in distress, about her smile that makes the world feel like a better place, and seeing God in the sparkle of her eyes …

It will come, slowly but surely.

In the meantime, some of the pictures that I found a moment to download and very best Wishes for 2012 !!

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