This time, in two weeks time we hope to be in Addis Ababa with our precious daughter in our arms !

On December 5, we will receive confirmation from our Intermediary. If she confirms our Court date for December 15, we will leave on Wednesday 7 or Thursday 8 December, which gives us 1 week during which we can get maximum info about Zoé’s habits, feeding rhythms, likes and dislikes from the orphanage staff, and then, after the Judge gives us custody over Zoé, it is flying solo …. from embassy to embassy, to get her exit visa out of Ethiopia and her entry visa into Switzerland, and then flying the 12-hours-long-trip home.

Adventurous and I am !!

If, our Court date is postponed due to delays in the Ethiopian Court processing the files, we will see what we do. Either we go and meet our baby and stay for longer, either … ? I don’t want to think about it so much. … hopefully we will not need to think about it !!

We got most of Zoé’s things washed and ready. We saw the pediatrician who will take care of her, once back in Geneva. We bought her feeding bottles and milk powder, the travel medication the pead. recommended we take with us, just in case. We collected many clothes to donate to the Orphanage. And I am now starting to prepare the things we will need for the trip itself. This weekend we plan to have a look at our suit-cases and plan how we best fit everything. ….

I feel so much joy getting everything ready and my otherwise-less-emotional-than-me-DH now really longs to meet and hug his daughter too !

If you have any advise about things to care for a 6 months old that you found really essential, please tell me.
Shops are overwhelming with stuff and info is often contradicting. Also, it will be warm in Addis Ababa (+/- 23°C) and by the time we come back to Switzerland it will be about the coldest time of the year (+/- -8 to + 3°C) !! Added to the fact that we are first time parents, we do not know how big our baby is, how the 23 °C feel in Addis as it is a city on a 2 500 m high plateau, what will be available there in case we forgot something, where we will be staying, if we will be able to boil the feeding bottles or if we should take cold-sterilisation-tablets, how many feeding bottles to take with us, knowing that we might have delays on the flight back  ….  Just “guessing and gut feeling” and trusting that in the end it will spice up the tales we will tell Zoé when she will want to know how we came to be a family !