Promised. Next time I post, I will send pictures of how things are taking shape re. flat transformation and Zoé’s nest. I have taken pics but did not find time to download them to my computer.

Speaking about photos, we received new photos of Zoé and God, she has grown !! She looks content and healthy and our Intermediary reports that Zoé is such a smiling baby. Indeed, I could just “sense her smile” in her eyes on those pictures ! But those cute pictures also make me realise how fast these tiny babies are morphing into little people and I am now becoming so impatient to go & be with her so as not to miss ANY change of her growing little self !!

Also, these photos make me realise how proud I am of our baby !

When we first got the call, our intermediary told us that the baby she matched us with, was very tiny and that they had kept her 3 weeks in the orphanage to observe how her health was evolving. … After this introduction, she sent Zoé’s pictures to us and I immediately felt something “familiar”. Looking closer, I noticed she had very big eyes and big hands and skinny legs. But now, that I see Zoé’s latest pictures, I understand, she was actually suffering from lack of nutrition. She actually looked like one of these skinny babies you associate with dusty camps of hunger and starvation. Disproportionate little bodies, with big eyes, protruding bellies and skinny legs … I cannot express how grateful I am that our little girl, was only “mildly wasted” as per the Pediatrician’s report, but I am so sad about the reality and meaning of malnutrition.

Malnutrition = healthy babies are just being “wasted” !!

Can you f*cking believe that, “wasted” …. I feel powerless about what to do, but I am thinking of ways I could somehow help to raise funds, at least to support the orphanage that took such a good care of our girl and that will help many more little girls and boys to thrive against difficult odds !

And then, I am so proud of our girl: She is a fighter, overcoming huge obstacles and traumas at such a young-baby-age.  Spirited little girl, determined to be alive !

Promising tantrums ;-))