My Dear Baby Girl,

Since last month, since I know you, my heart feels alive, pulsating with Joy and thrilled with excitement.
Today, it feels as if it is going to overflow. I miss you.
I look at your picture, the one we will show you once you will be big enough to look at pictures, and I feel an almost irresistible urge to embrace you, to feel your heart pulsating on my chest, to kiss your beautiful shiny skin, to lovingly cup your little face in the palm of my hands, to read your expressions from your fine features, to feed that little mouth of yours you open like a hungry birdie, to dive in your expressive big eyes and let our Universes meet.

Because, aba and me still have to wait before we can express our love to you, skin to skin, I write this letter to you in the hope you will soon, but not toooo quickly, be able to read it by and for yourself: How Grateful I am to have been entrusted your precious Life into my care. Writing to you, my Dear Girl, reminds me of the many backpacking trips in far away and exotic countries I undertook before meeting your aba, then, your grandmother would miss me too, like I miss you today, and I would write to her as well to keep her heart still. I am so blessed to pass on these few words of love, like pure pearls on a string, from my mother to my daughter, to keep our hearts still. But even if I write a dictionary full of words of love, and thread a garland of pearls, my heart beating for you, will never keep still, my Darling Baby Girl.