Thank you all for your sweet reactions, well-wishes and for sharing our Joy ! It is heart-warming and I hope that if my girl ever get to read all your comments, she will understand how truly desired, how special and worthy of love she is !!

On Friday, I felt so extremely tired of the “wait”. I wrote a “whining” post on which only 2 brave sisters dared answering, because really what can you write over and over again to somebody waiting and waiting and waiting and whining.
I felt kind of depressed and at the same time very “connected”. So when on Friday afternoon around 3 pm, my cell phone rang I was begging “please God, let it be good news. just let it be”. Then I saw my husband’s number appearing on my phone and thought “Phhhh, he will probably ask me something like the usual “what are we eating tonight, how are you doing, can you do this or that for me, when are you going home ?….” (sorry DH), but no ! He asked me “did you check your sms?” I immediately knew and answered “we got good news!” ….. “YES. I am coming to your office, our intermediary want us to be together, call her and then she will send us the referral pictures!!” While waiting for my DH to come over, I checked my sms and saw our Intermediary’s sms saying :” A little girl is looking for her mum and dad. Are you this little girl’s parents ? Please call me within the next 45 min or tonight!“.

My DH came and we spoke to our intermediary and she send us the pictures + medical report.  We immediately “loved” and felt “familiar” with what we saw. Here is a small fragment* of  her deliciously cute little hand.

Our intermediary told us that her birthdate is unknown and that the police estimated her at 3 months old while the pead. estimated her between 6 to 8 weeks old at her first visit on 17.08.11. She is really tiny but the estimation depends on her age…. I hope that now we can give her all the food she needs and pead check ups, plot her personal growth graph to have a better idea of her progress. We really, really hope she will catch up. She has been in the orphanage’s care for the last 6 weeks and has grown 1 cm in length and 1.5 cm in head circumference (HC). Her measurements are 54 cm and HC 38 cm for +/- 3 months, which is 3rd percentile on the WHO charts.  We accepted her referral. . …  

Her report also mentions that she is a playful baby who smiles a lot. Now, that makes my heart sing with Joy and feel like I want to kidnap her jump on a plane to Ethiopia ASAP to finally feel, hug, smell, touch my baby !

That’s it for now. Will keep you updated as soon as I have more info. Thanks again, dear readers for sharing our Journey !

 * (can not post pics until the Judge pronounce us the legal parents)