Tango with Mr. Donotknow

This is a sketch I made when trying to conceive through ART. It was already closer to the end of my journey, maybe after the-one-before-last miscarriage. When I was making this sketch I was just wondering (probably already doubting by then), if I would once be that pregnant, at all.  
As the white space of the page filled with lines, I felt that on my journey, there had been and still where soo many unknowns that I rather embrace them instead of “fighting” against them. Hence, the title “Tango with Mr. Donotknow“.

Lately, while I was going through my “creations”, I understood, that this Tango will never really end.

Will I ever be this pregnant” will probable morph into “Who carried my baby” once we will have a referral, “Who was my birthmom, birth father” once our child will “understand” the concept of adoption, and “Who is carrying part of my husband’s genetic make-up?” once we will donate our remaining frozen embryos, created from donor eggs and my husband’s sperm. 

Questions usually lead to answers and knowledge but sometimes, there are just no answers, but abandonment into the arms of Mr. Donotknow.
Could it be from this embrace that miracles come ?