Usually, when I fall asleep I like to think about Grace/God. Or, rather, feel how God is thinking about me. Thoughts and feelings just fill me; Usually things I am grateful for; God, family, friends, the Universe and all those fascinating and mysterious forces that make the world go around but about which we do not have time to think during our busy day-schedules. Except after watching a disturbing movie or after an unusual stressful-or emotional day, I fall asleep peacefully till my cat wakes me up in the morning claiming his breakfast with a paw-stroke (a bite in my arm if he finds I am too dreamy and slow) !

Yesterday night, I went to bed. DH was sleeping already and I close my eyes having my “ritual”. Suddenly my thoughts and feelings went somewhere like : “whoever you are, whatever you are going through. please, please, please know deep in your heart that we love you and we are coming to fetch you; to take care of you. to love you. to play with you. to feed you. in your heart have no doubt little baby, that you are loved”.

Unintentionally. It was just there. Very connected.
Maybe I was soothing “the doubting child in me” or maybe I was “co-sleeping” with our baby.
God knows.