Yesterday we met with our Ethiopian Social worker who came from Ethiopia to visit all the Ethiopian children adopted by Swiss families, as per Ethiopian adoption rule.

In our case, international adoption happens like this:
On the adoptive parents’ side, we work with a social worker who guides us to compile our file according to Ethiopia’s specific demands and requests. She is in permanent contact with orphanages in Ethiopia and lend her support by an Association created for that purpose.
On the adoptee’s side there is also a social worker. She is the one who represents our baby and will also represent us in the first Court hearing in Ethiopia, during which the Judge will officially declare that we are our baby’s legal parents. She will also guide us through the procedure once we will travel to Ethiopia to meet our baby, finalize the adoption procedure and get our baby’s exit visa to leave together as a family, direction home.
It is sooo exciting to think about it all.

And…. what is even more exciting is that she told us, we should be expecting a referral by the time she gets back to Ethiopia: OCTOBER !  Which means we should be travelling to Ethiopia to fetch our baby around February.

I know, I know, those are all just dates and assumptions but when you are waiting, and waiting, and waiting, those time frames, just get you going. Those seemingly unimportant and truly flexible dates are the ones that strengthen our belief that our dream is slowly but surely becoming reality. So for now, I’ll take that timeframe !!