So, we are back. Back at home, enjoying the familiarity of my own bed and sheets and linen. Back to enjoying Sima, our cat. Back to work. Back to friends and blogging. Back to waiting for a referral.

It was great to have a break of it all. In that perspective the holiday was really successful. When you backpack you meet new people, mostly young travellers or the odd loner who never “married and had kids” or “had a stable job”. In other words, you are far away from the nice strollers, the pregnant ladies and gosh it makes it soooo much easier to not be pushed that constant reminder in front of your eyes. So yes, I was thinking about our file and hoping for a referral on a daily basis but somehow it was just somewhere in the background of my mind, not overwhelming or obsessive. So that was the best part of the trip; It created mental space to think and give attention to other areas of my life.

For the first time, I really had a feeling of what I want to be doing with my life. I mean, besides having a family and raising 1 child (by God’s Grace), 2 or 3 children. For some time now, I feel that I want to do something professionally, that would be generating money, and also/mostly be purposeful: To give back a bit of what I have been blessed with in this life of mine. Somehow, on holiday, I got glimpses of the path to follow. It is a great feeling !

On our couple front, the holiday was a bit unusual. The initiator of this trip actually was DH who decided to meet up with 2 of his childhood friends to surf. Because I like to travel, they “accepted that I join them on their surfing trip”. Basically, it was my DH, 2 of his friends (who also somewhat became my friends over the years) and another young guy they had met in the airplane, in search of good waves. That means, DH would wake up at 5 am, go surfing, come back around 8:30 am sleep, lunch, surf again till sunset, eat and crash by 9:00 pm. Lots of adrenaline for him but not very romantic. … It took us some time to find a schedule in which, he would do his things, meet his friends, I would do my things, meet strangers and at the same time manage some hours we would spend together. We succeeded and it was very satisfactory !! Often time when we travel together, or even during weekends at home, my DH is much more in search of action while I want to do “slow things”, so it is not always easy to find ways to respect both individuals in a couple (and what when babies join the party ?!). … This worked and we will go for surfing holidays again (can see it working with a kid as well…)

Besides that, Sri Lanka is beautiful, and mostly Sri Lankans are such nice, gentle, and peaceful people. The country has been through many years of war, many parts have been “washed away” by the Tsunami of 2004, despite that, Sri Lankans radiate peace and contentment. Something in them, just make you feel like becoming a better person !!

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