Last weekend we went to Lugano to meet our adoption Intermediary. Normally, this should have happened way earlier during the procedure but somehow, mostly because of the long distance and also because of the crazy fluctuation between rushes and pauses so typical for adoption procedures, we only met last Saturday.

The meeting went really well and it was great to finally put a face on a person who actually knows everything about my husband and myself through our file. She is really doing a great job in Ethiopia and it looks like she has 2 amazing projects going on (more on that later) in Addis Ababa (Ethiopian capital).

Our paperwork has now been translated into Amharic (Ethiopian official language) and is in fact fully ready to be presented to the Judge once we will accept a referral. This means that, according to our Intermediary, we are now on top of her waiting list and we can normally expect a referral in August or September. Yaaaaaay !!!

I was uncontrollably very stressed before the meeting (after years of infertility and repeated miscarriages, one starts to feel like always depending on somebody’s good will to actually realise one’s dream to have a family). But druged armed with a few painkiller to kill a stress-induced migraine, we ventured into beautiful Lugano and finally took the nightrain back to Geneva, travelling through the night filled with hope to soon meet our long-awaited baby !!

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