Oh I am reading a great book at the moment. It is called “Raising an emotionally intelligent child” by John Gottman.

So far, it is about validating a child’s emotions (instead of disregarding or negating them), and finding solutions in case of disagreement, once the emotions have been named. In fact, it does help to stay connected and centered with ones own emotions and remain present within a given situation. So even tough, once I will be actively parenting, all this theoretical blabla will vanish in front of the concrete and practical needs, I hope something will remain somewhere. Speaking about the concrete needs of a child: this book also states that according to statistics, a caregiver/parent has to address no less than 3 needs / 1 minute coming from a preschooler. That is just ENOURMOUS ! Caregivers/parents around the world, hat off !

I have put some awareness and tried the attitudes recommended in the book while working with my 2 young art-therapy patients, and it does make a difference !