File sent and, most important, received!
Our intermediary who is travelling to Ethiopia tomorrow for a month will take our file with her and will personally hand it over.
She told us that there are people before us on her list (it seems like no matter what stage you are in, there are always people ahead of you on lists….) and that we should expect a referral in approx. 3 months. Sounds acceptable (not that I have a choice in this matter).

Although I am fine waiting, a bit longer, I am soo scared. Terrified at feeling this lively and addictive energy, called hope, sparkling from somewhere in my heart and creeping deep inside the pores of my being. Don’t misunderstand me, I am thriving on this energy, but I am s.o.s scared to have my hope crashed again. Since sending the file, I have had 2 nightmares already, directly related to these emotions. Sharks fiercely swimming up to me, trying to eat me alive, while I am breathing fresh air on a raft. A grizzly bear climbing through my chimney and wanting to eat the children I had adopted. Quite a funny nightmare actually; As I was fighting back the intruder to protect my young, the grizzly tried to crawl back up the chimney but then his fat and furry bear-leg got stuck, hanging heavily from the chimney above the fire-place.
Rationally speaking, you will agree that  3 months will be only just enough to purge the inborn-trauma-accumulated-craziness my mind hosts at the moment. …

Here is how I am going to enjoy these 3 months :

1) Swiss summer is great, we have (shark-free) lakes to swim in and (bear-free) mountains to climb on. All free and close to home ;

2) Will spend a bit under 3 weeks in Sri-Lanka in August/September ;

3) Will visit my brother in Berlin mid September ;

4) Continue the art-therapy sessions I stared with a young boy and his even younger sister ;

4) Keep a nightmare dairy (=optional).

In the meantime and till further notice please wish me lots of

talisman on the "envelope of hope"