2 or 3 weeks ago my bicycle had a flat tyre. Believe it or not, cycling is the way I move around the city, the way I go to work etc. So a flat tyre is really something annoying.

I went into a first cycle shop to ask if they could change my tyre : “no, we only give this type of service to the clients who bought their bike here. you are welcome to use the pump“. Boooooo.

So off I drag my bike to another, much more remote to where I was but much closer to my home, cycle-repair-workshop. Unfortunately they were closed and would only open in 10 min. so I look around at the neighboring shops and my eyes got stuck on a sticker “Live to Love” on the shopwindow of a Tibetan Boudhist Center.

It has been my mantra since then.

(Life)-Cycling is really the way I get to my destinations. …