So yesterday, we went to a concert, which is quite unusual on a Sunday afternoon but it turned out to be a Great Opera by Monte Verdi: story of Ariana and how she helped her lover to fight the MinotaurusMonster in Crete by draging a piece of wire so they would find their way out of the Monster’s maze, after killing the beast. But unfortunately, instead of entering back into Athens, as a couple, in full pride and glory. Ariana’s lover, falls in love with her sister on the ship sailing back to Atherns, and abandons Ariana at sea, so he can marry her sister and make her the Queen.
Imagine the sounds of the piano and the thrill of the Soprano, bringing this feeling of betrayal to life, right into the room where you are sitting on a Sunday afternoon. Phhhhhhhhh.  Feeling my husband’s hand into mine during the performance suddenly felt soooo meaningful again !!

Anyways, during the break we meet a beaufitul couple with their 2 children, 2 active and cute boys, close in age. Their mother (who is a new colleague of my husband) walks straight to us and asks “So, where are your children?”
My husband, as always with a big smile on his face, and an ironical twinkle in the eyes :”We are still waiting for them, they are not here yet” !
No seriously, did you not come with your children?”, she asks again.
I interfere, “Yes seriously, we are waiting for them. We are in the middle of an adoption process“.
And so, people we were sharing this conversation with start to ask questions about the adoption process, and which country we are adopting from and why we adopt interracialy etc. etc.

So we explain a bit about the adoption process, and the lenghty administration process it takes. On which my husband’s colleague replies :”Ohh, this is really not fair! You already have to resort to adoption and then, you still have to go through such long waiting times“.

In a way, I could understand what she meant and on the other hand I thought how do I explain that we do not have to adopt, but that we want to adopt. How do you explain the process of turning loss into blessing, with a few words, during social talk, leaving out the drama to Operas ?